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About us

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Created Whole Ministries was established in 2012, we assist to remove stumbling blocks from your path as you seek to discover your purpose in life. We encourage you to heal holistically, focusing on your spirit, mind and body. We help create a safe space for you as we implement practical teachings, community prayer, outreach opportunities and other needed resources.     


Using the Word of God as our foundation we provide resources to produce wholeness.

Get to know Natasha

Natasha is founder of Created Whole Ministries where the focus is on holistic healing to wholeness.
She is a Healing Evangelist (NewPeace Wellness)

and transformational speaker.
Natasha has written several books: Selflessly Selfish: Holistic Healing Journal, The Now Proverbs 31 Woman: Selflessly Selfish, Divine Direction, The Heart & Mind: That Loves God and co-author of A Guide To An Effective Wellness Program.
She has three sons and one g-baby.

Natasha L. Brown

Senior Leader

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